For whatever reason, the retail customer may withdraw from the agreement (a "Retail Customer" is a natural person buying products for purposes alien to business or professional activities). To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer shall send a notice to Strategia srl within 30 working days from the delivery date. Note: the right of withdrawal may not be exercised by customers buying with his/her own VAT number.

The right of withdrawal is submitted under the following conditions:

1. the good and its parts shall be intact and returned in the original packaging (documents and accessories included);

2. if possible, the original packaging shall be placed into an additional box to limit damage (the application of labels or adhesive tapes on the original packaging is forbidden);

3. the customer is completely responsible for the shipping until the delivery of the product to Strategia's warehouse;

4. freight charges for the return of the product shall be paid by the retail customer.

Strategia srl is by no means responsible for damage, theft or loss of goods returned by uninsured shipping. No packets paid cash on delivery and freight collect will be collected under any circumstances.



Except for additional reinstatement fee for ensured damage on the original packaging or freight charges or duties for the return, Strategia srl shall refund to the customer the total amount he paid by Credit Card or Bank Transfer, using a write-off procedure. For payments sent by bank transfer, the customer shall transmit his/her bank details (IBAN code) to Strategia srl.



The right of withdrawal shall forfeit when Strategia srl determines:

1. the total or partial use of the good;

2. the lack of the original external and/or internal packaging;

3. the lack of products' basic elements;

4. the damage of the product for causes different from transportation.

In the aforesaid cases, Strategia srl shall return the good to the sender who shall cover the shipping costs.



Any notice or complains to Strategia srl on the Purchase Agreements shall be sent to the Customer Service, writing to



The Purchase Agreement between the Customer and Strategia srl is stipulated in Italy and governed by the Italian Law.



To read the Law on the processing of personal data by Strategia srl, visit the specific section of the web page.